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Nicholville Telephone Company enhances the quality of life for each subscriber by delivering high quality, reliable telecommunication, Internet and technology services. 


Technologically Advanced - Thrilled by the opportunity to participate in this process, Nicholville Telephone Company has dedicated all available resources to the continuous improvement of physical infrastructure, technology and business processes. Digital switching, broadband Internet deployment and fiber optic installation are samples of the technology we have employed so that subscribers can enjoy the high quality service everyone can be proud of. 

Customer Focused Our services, pricing and policies are positively impacted by the fact that many of our employees are also our customers. We understand the value of treating each customer with respect and individuality. Allowing the time to serve each unique subscriber's communication needs comes from our own experiences as consumers. We believe our friendly, personable service will set us apart from other providers in the industry. 

Hometown Proud - Our hometown presence has built a strong, long-lasting bond between our community of subscribers and company representatives. Our employees are emergency service volunteers, parents of school age children, town and community officials, service group volunteers, religious leaders, and athletic coaches. We are proud of these activities and support their efforts through on-going donations and sponsorships for these and other activities that impact the communities we serve. 

Fast Facts about Nicholville Telephone Company - 

  • Nicholville Telephone Company is thankful to residential and business subscribers for 100 successful years in the telephony business.

  • Our service territory stretches 200 square miles across northwestern rural St. Lawrence County in northern New York State.

  • Nicholville Telephone Company is a regulated utility by the United States Federal Communications Commission and the New York State Public Service Commission.

  • Nicholville Telephone Company is an Independent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) delivering local dial tone telephone service to two exchanges (Winthrop 389, Nicholville 328) in the 315 area code.

  • Nicholville Telephone Company is independently owned and operated by its employees, and currently includes a team of approximately 20 skilled service representatives.

  • Nicholville Telephone Company is the parent company of:

Slic Network Solutions Fiber-To-The-Home Solutions for High-Speed, Phone Service & Cable Television

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