Home Intercom

What It Does
Lets you call, on your phone line, another extension located upstairs, in the basement or in the garage. Saves time when needing to talk to someone located in another part of the house, in the garage or even in another building located on the same property (e.g. barn).

How It Works
Dial your own phone number. You will hear a recording that you have dialed your own number. Hang up and allow the phone to ring sufficient time for the person at the extension to answer and then pick up the phone. Simply hang up the phone when you are done with your conversation.

See Additional Extension Lines for adding extension lines within your house or Off Premise Extensions for adding extension lines between buildings located on the same property.

Custom Calling Feature
Monthly Price: $ 1.00
Installation Price: $ 10.00
Monthly Discount Price: $ 0.80 with 2 or more custom calling feature types.

To order call 315-328-4411.