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Thank you for visiting the FAQ section of the Nicholville Telephone Company website. 

We are currently gathering questions and data for this section and we need your help.  If you have questions about our company, our services or issues related to your telephone service, PLEASE ASK THEM HERE.  

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Q:        What is the difference between Local Calls, Local (Regional) Long Distance and Long Distance Calls? 
A:       Click Understanding Your Phone Bill for a complete description of call types. 

Q:        Does Nicholville Telephone Company have their own long distance? 
A:       Currently, Nicholville Telephone Company does not offer long distance service.  However, there are a number of long distance carriers that are available to choose from.  Nicholville Telephone Company does not endorse or encourage one carrier or calling plan over another.    

Q:        Why can’t I dial certain 1010 numbers (example 1010220)? 
A:       Not all 1010 numbers are set up within our switch.  Before we can allow 1010 numbers we are required to receive an ASR (Access Service Request) from a long distance carrier. If you try to dial a 1010 number that has not been activated you will get a recording.  

Q:        How do I reset my Stuttered Dial Tone for my Voicemail? 
A:       Stuttered Dial Tone can be reset by doing a *95 from the telephone number with voicemail activated. If you continue to experience problems with voicemail, please call our repair service 315-328-4415.   

Q:        Can I move my own Network Interface? 
A:       If you are remodeling the exterior of your home or if you just want the interface moved to a new location-Nicholville Telephone Company can provide this service to you.  There is a service charge to move the interface. Should you decided to move the interface yourself and accidentally put your phone out of service you will be charged for a repair call.      

Q:        Does digging in my own yard require a call to ‘Dig Safely New York’? 
A:       Yes it does!  Regardless of where you will be digging, you should always call ‘Dig Safely New York’ in case there is something buried in the area where you will be working.  ‘Dig Safely New York’ will dispatch surrounding utilities to clearly mark any cables, electric lines or gas lines located in the area you will be excavating. This service is free to use and in the end can save you money. If you damage something by digging without reporting to ‘Dig Safely New York’, you may be required to pay to repair it.. You can reach ‘Dig Safely New York’ by calling (800) 962-7962 or visiting them on-line at www.digsafelynewyork.com. 

Q:        What should I do if I break a ground wire with a weed wacker? 
A:       Your telephone service needs to be properly grounded to protect the equipment plugged into your phone line from lightning damage and power surges. If your ground wire gets broken, please contact our repair service so we can schedule a time to repair your ground wire. Note-you will not lose phone service if your ground wire is broken. 

Q:        Can I install inside wire for a new jack in my house myself? 
A:       Customers may install their own jacks and inside wire.  Nicholville Telephone will not maintain inside wire that the customer has installed.  Service work performed on wiring installed by the customer will result in a fee charged to the customer.    

Q:        How can I view and pay my bills on-line through My Account?  
A:       To view and pay bills on-line, you must first activate your account by calling the Nicholville Telephone Company Business Office at (315) 328-4411.  Our Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you.